Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday May 16, 2016 - Trip home

On my drive home Sunday, we stopped at Target, in North Carolina to get some more diapers. I waited in the food area while my daughter shopped for diapers.

I did notice a security guard near the bathroom. Well its North Carolina and maybe this Target is on the hit list of the anti-LGBT groups that are trying to send men into women bathrooms.

I also noticed a tall lady with her children. The picture I have does not adequately show how tall she is. But she was slightly taller then me (I am 5'10"). She was with two children.

I mentioned this lady because I read that some transwoman are afraid to come out due to their height. This lady had on a bright orange top with matching flats and a nice knee length skirt. She was not only tall but big. Her hands, feet and shoulder were large but overall shape was hourglass. She projected all female to me. That was because he knew in her mind she was female. Even with her height and large features she was very  feminine and attractive.

I always say, that once I removed my mental chains and presented as either a Femboy or Susan, I connect with my femininity and it was just natural.

I do not know if she is a cis-woman or a Transwoman because it does not matter. I can tell she is part of that sisterhood and everyone believes it.

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