Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday May 7, 2016 - Back in the gym.

Today I am going back in the gym after a week off to get rid of my poison ivy. The steroid pills worked. I took the week off because the week before, I exercised and noticed the rash had spread. So I took the rest of that week off to use calamine lotion in an attempt to dry out the rash. It did not work, so that is why I went to the CVS clinic and received steroid pills.

Now that my week of bill taking is over, I am excited to get back in the gym today. I need to because I have had a lot of nervous eating and I can feel the weight gain. With just 5 weeks until HRT begins, I need to concentrate on getting thinner. I can still squeeze into by size 30 inch pants, but they are not comfortable. When I was an my lowest weight, those pants fit well.

I am going to get back on my fitness pal to help control my caloric intake and use that stairmater (45 minutes) and elliptical machine (1 hour) every other day. I have a lot of traveling to do this month, so it will not be easy.

This is crunch time and I do well under pressure. I only get to start HRT once and I want to have a certain look when I start. I want my stomach as flat as possible and my overall body thin. Then after a 2 or 3 months of HRT, I want to gain weight in hopes of the fat forming in female locations instead of male.

So today starts it.

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