Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday May 17, 2016 - Worked from Home dressed

Last week I was so busy working and getting ready for the graduation weekend. So today I wanted to express my femininity by dressing. Even though I am at home today, I needed to dress.

It was cool today so I wore my grey sweater top with tight black jeans and my grey flats. I added a recently purchased scarf to keep my neck warm.

I noticed that its been 11 days since my last electrology session. I see very few whiskers on my face. I have an appointment this Friday, but I am finished. I think I can live with what little face hair I have. Maybe, I need to have a session, once a month. I will go in this Friday but this will be my last session for a while.

I am afraid that once I start HRT, the electrology sessions may hurt more as the estrogen might heighten might sensitivity.

I have decided to work on my makeup and clothing style, leading up June 11th and HRT. I will add voice and mannerisms later in the summer.

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