Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday May 25, 2016 - Electrology Session

Tuesday, I had an electrology session. My beard is so thin and I love it. It was been 18 days since my last session. This session lasted just just under an hour with fewer tears

My plan was to have my beard removed by the time I start HRT. I am soooo close. I have my next session planned for June 8th to be followed by my last scheduled session on June 22. With my HRT starting on June 11th, I decide to have a session before I start and one after I begin. I doubt it, due to the short time period, whether being on HRT impacts the pain.

I always thought that HRT would heighten my nerves that thru increase the pain during my session. So I want see if there is a pain difference before and after HRT.

After June 22, 2016, I will schedule an appointment if I feel my facial hair growth is too much.

Its been two years with e3000 in Dallas and 18 months with Southside Electrology. Both did a great job on my face and I will be forever grateful.

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