Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday May 15, 2016 - Busy Weekend

The past five day have been very busy getting ready for my daughter's graduation and work. So I have not been spending mush time as Susan.

I tried to create a blog post from my phone, but I my upload kept failing. So I had to go to the campus library to complete the post.

Me, being at Liberty University felt like I was crossdressing. 99.9% of the people treated me fine and the large number of  campus visitors were surprisingly diverse. This is due to the majority of graduates being from the online courses. Like crossdressing, that one person out of hundred you see, can ruin your day.

I have learned that you do not let that 1 person bother you. I did notice a couple of people give me that uncomfortable look or interact in a rude way. But overall, we had a very good day. It did rain as we were leaving, so we got very wet running to the car. Then, of course the traffic was horrible. The university did an excellent job getting everyone situated on campus, in the morning. But there was very little help getting off campus.

I did see this young lady in a very pretty dress. It was a warm and bright sunny morning (Did not rain until the afternoon). This young lady worn a dress and shoes I would have worn. It was a pretty yellow dress with a nice knee length hemline.

Her white shoes had a low heel which was going to work well due to all of the walking required. I personally love the ankle strap open toe shoe. It framed her feet and her pretty pink polished toe nails gave a nice sophisticated appearance.

She was pretty with a nice conservative look that brightened an already sunny bright day.

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