Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday May 31, 2016 - 2nd of 5 outfits

Each day this week (M-F), I will model one of my five dress outfits. I will wear one of these outfits on June 10, 2016, to  my Doctor's appointment.

This is my second brown dress. I wore this on my day out in November while in Orlando. I really like this dress. The thicker shoulder straps allow me to wear a bra and hide the bra straps. The length and cut of the dress actuate my figure. I love the print and the teal (?) flower in the print.

I am headed to the beach for a mini vacation. I need to add some color to my shoulders, legs and torso. Usually, I try to do this during the early summer, so I have a more even color. This picture shows my lighter color from my elbows up.

 This is my Orlando outfit. Even though I have gained a few pounds, this dress still looks nice. I have on those same open toe brown wedges I like the look, but they will not work, since I am planning on wearing them all day.

I need to find another pair of brown open toe heels or wedges. Once I find another pair, I will donate these to Goodwill.

 In this picture, I am wearing my slow wedge open toe shoe. They are made of a harder leather type material. This material is pressing against my toes and I think it will hurt after wearing them all day. This picture and trhe next one show me wearing the same shoe. I just wanted to show the two different bracelets.

This picture shows off my brown bangle. The picture below shows my white and caramel shell bracelets.

This picture has me in my brown flats. I do not like these flats with that dress. I can not place my finger on it, but I do not like these flats with that dress.

The shoes were better with the other brown dress from yesterday.

Here I am wearing the other multi color closed toe wedge. Its a brown based shoe, But I want an open toe look. However, this shoe looks better with this brown dress.
 Here is my white wedges. I kind of like them , but I do not know how they make my feet. I think they might make them seem too long.
But they do make my legs look good. I like the look of these shoes from the front.  My toes curve nicely with the shoe and I like how the strap frames my feet.

The next three post will cover my blue and black dresses. So the shoes will be different.

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