Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday August 13, 2016 - Dressing Friday was different.

Friday I felt like dressing as Susan. It felt natural and it what I wanted to do. I could not find much to fit me. Most of my clothes are fall and winter. My summer outfits naturally fit tighter and I could not get them to fit right across my chest. I have gained 1.5 inches across my breast line and it caused my dresses not to fit right. They were tight across my chest.

The only top I could wear was really a fall top. I added yellow skinny jeans to brighten up the outfit. Also, the new pink bra I bought is getting small. The edge of the cup left an impression diagonally across my breasts as my breasts were pushing out again the cups.

I need to go buy a few new bras and a few summer tops. I will try and do that Monday

But I do not want to buy to many items because with my constant body changes over the next year or two, I suspect I will need new clothes each season.

Also, my stomach at 37" is too big for some of my dresses. I like A-line dresses to show off a thin body. But until I get my stomach down a couple of inches, I  am going to look for a shift style dress. The main reason I exercised so much was to keep my stomach down so that I have a thin look.

Not completing my weight goals in 2016 before I started HRT is coming back to haunt me. Now, I get so hungry during the day. I try to eat salads and drink water to satisfy my hunger while trying to keep my weight and stomach down. I wanted my net daily caloric intake to increase so that the fat would settle in female areas. I think that is happening, but some fat is still settling in my stomach area.

Speaking of working out, I worked out for second day on Wednesday. I did well on the stairmaster, increasing  my time from 15 to 17 minutes. I will keep increasing my time until I get back to 45 minutes. However, my time on the Elliptical was cut short to only 15 minutes. At about the 13 minute mark, my thighs began to cramp. I was planning 30 to 35 minutes but struggled due to cramping to reach 15 minutes.

I figured I must drink even more water, if I am going to get back into the gym. I am already drinking about 80 - 100 oz of water daily. The 200 mg of daily spironolactone causes dehydration. Adding exercise will require me to drive even more water. I think I am going to start taking a water bottle and drink water while exercising to keep cramping down. I may include some drinks that will allow me to hydrate quickly.

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