Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday August 11, 2016 - 2 month measurements

Its been 60 days since I started HRT. Around the 10th of every month I will document my physical changes. My plan is to do this over 24 months.

Before I start, I must talk about a business meeting I had last night with one of my closest friends. I have known for 52 years. Our parents were good friends early on and. I usually see him one or twice a month. His mother is still alive at 90 and I am going to help her move from her home into an assisted living facility, next week.

Yesterday, I got to the restaurant early. When he arrived, he stated how "clean and well shaved" I looked. I brushed it off saying, "Yeah, I washed my face today". But I knew what he meant. I looked different and he did not know why. Since 2009, I always kept my head and beard shaved. So he has seen me this way for about 7 years.

But for him to mention it, means that what I am seeing in the mirror, others are seeing. To me, I do not know what it is, but I see Susan more and more. I am getting a more feminine appearance. Its nothing specific, just an overall look. I think my face is becoming less angular.

Below is the monthly chart with the new measurements, followed by the change from last month.

The first three measurement concerning the chest shows a 1/2 inch overall increase: under the breasts, the breast line and over the breasts. That is consistent with, what I notice is an overall growth in breast tissue. I am now getting a slight natural movement of my whole chest when I exercise or walk up/down stairs.

The worst area is my stomach that grew 1 inch. I wanted to be at 35" which would be a 1 inch reduction, not an inch increase to 37". This is why I must get back in the gym and control my caloric intake. If I can do that, then I can get that number moving back down.

My hips and thighs saw no change, even though my hips appear rounder to me. Maybe it was a filling in process. I use to have indents on the side. I do not see or feel them anymore. Hopefully next month there will be more growth in that area.

Finally, my shoulders did not change from 45". I must be adding some fat because I know I am losing muscle. I can see both the lack of definition and my workout, which was light, made my shoulder muscles ache.

Overall, I like what is happening in the chest area, but that stomach needs to be turned around. Hopefully my hips and thighs will see increased over the next 30 days.

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  1. Although they are considerably less concrete than physical changes, I am curious as to emotional/psychological changes you have witnessed since you began hormones. Perhaps I have this all wrong, but I would think that aspect of HRT is equally important.