Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday August 8, 2016 - Blah

I woke up this morning wanting to stay in bed all day. I have no drive today. I love how my body is changing, but my mental state if different.

I guess, I would say its might be a slight depression. But I am not sad, just indifferent. Usually, I wake motivated for the day's activities. This morning, I want to roll over and do nothing. Maybe surf the web or read a book.

I am having some financial issues. But I will solve them, I always do. But this time, I really do not care. I keep choosing something else, instead of fixing the problem. Time just seems to move so quickly.

This mental hazy is probably due to the meds and my age.

I am going to try and kick this feeling by trying to get to the gym. Maybe resuming my exercising will help.

I am starting month #3 and according to the charts, most mental and physical changes begin. So maybe my mental changes are beginning to take off.

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  1. Meds or no meds, transition or no transition, there are simply blah days with which one must contend. I'm sure this isn't your first nor will it be your last. Hopefully tomorrow will dawn with renewed energy and determination to tackle the daily grind. Could the meds be part of the blah equation on this occasion. That would seem a reasonable conclusion. All the best, Susan.