Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday August 12, 2016 - Emotional changes

Kati Reynolds left a comment on yesterday's post. Its a very important question that I did not address because that post was about physical measurements. However, I should include in the future monthly post about my physical changes, any mental/emotional/psychological changes.

I felt it was more important to answer Kati's question in a post than in a reply to her comment.

So thank you Kati.

In these past two months, emotional/mental changes have occurred but they are slight and less noticeable.

  1. Within the first month, I started feeling calmer and less aggressive in situations. Growing up in NJ, I was always a very aggressive driver and in a hurry to get somewhere. Even in my late 50's, I have been told I have slowed down, but I get upset if I feel disrespected on the road. Now, I do not care. I am a better and more courteous driver. About two weeks ago, someone cut me off on the Interstate to get off at an exit I was also using. That driver could have easily got behind me.I just brushed it off. In the past I would have tried to return the favor by chasing him down and cutting him off.
  2. My sex drive has not dropped to zero yet. But, I go weeks without thinking about sex and being driven by that little voice in my head.
  3. When I do get in the mood, its more romantic with hugging and cuddling Its less about the physical act. It takes much longer for me to get aroused and get an erection. I have no more spontaneous erections and the sight of things do not cause an erection. But I still get an erection. 
  4. My emotions bubble up quicker but I have not started a lot of crying bouts that I have read are coming. But I can tell they are coming. I was listening to my oldies playlist and certain songs did cause my emotions to bubble up. It just happened that certain songs made me so sad and like a volcano, the emotions rose but stopped short of tears. One song did make my cry, not heavy tears, but the song, which I have heard so many times over 40 years, sounded so beautiful. His voice and my memories brought me to tears. I feel my emotions rising as I write this.
  5. Recently, when Karen and I get together to see a movie, she has stated that I seem more relaxed and content.
Overall I am changing inside as well at outside. The outside changes are easier to see and document. The inside changes are harder to pickup because I think they are more subtle.


  1. Hi Susan, I too noticed a calm and cool that had never been part of my way of acting very soon after starting HRT. Many had warned me about the coming emotional roller-coaster, but after a year I can tell you that it isn't something that everyone gets. Overall, those subtle internal changes have left me much more in control of myself, and isn't that wonderful?! Oh, and by the way, hooray for #3.

    1. Thanks Halle. Did you get to the crying stage? If so, how many months in?

  2. Never had a "crying stage". I've always been able to cry in touching moments and that hasn't changed, but there haven't been any waterworks.