Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday August 10, 2016 - Doctor's appointment and exercise

Today I have my doctor's appointment for a blood test. I was suppose to have one last month. I cancelled it and never made another one. So they made one for me. I am being a bad girl. I need to reschedule until Friday. Its important to get a reading on my blood for possible problems, to see if my dose needs to be adjusted and my hormone levels. So I promise, to myself to be there Friday.

My Monday exercise to good. It made me feel much better. However, I could tell the difference of being away for so long. I started with the stairmaster. Previously, I was doing 30 minutes and testing 45 minutes. I tryinng to reach 1 hour. Every 15 minutes I increase the step speed to the highest number. I do this for one minute. Yesterday, I could only do 15 minutes and it wore me out. I am going to get back to 30 minutes and keep it there.

I moved to the elliptical. I immediately noticed my chest moving as I exercised. It was a slight bouncing, even though I was wearing a sports bra. I had on one of my bigger T-shirts, as a precaution. I do not know if anyone could see them, but I felt them. I usually complete 60 minutes as a minimum and I use to do 120 minutes or in a few cases 180 minutes. I am going to try and get back to 60 minutes. But my shoulders began to hurt after 10 minutes. Also I usually burn 700 to 750 calories in an hours. This machine measurement may not be actuate but its a way of comparing your effort over time. So in 30 minutes I should be in the 360 to 375 range.  I only reached 335 and my shoulder were aching. This supports the fact that I have had muscle loss around my shoulders. Now my new goal is 60 minutes at 660+ calories.

I am ready to get back into an every other day routine. Yesterday, I realized, I missed working out, Even if my body can not give the same effort, I feel so much better.

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