Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday August 29, 2016 - I liked her outfit and loved her hair

Saturday I went inside my bank to make a withdrawal. Usually, I use the ATM, but this was a new account and I lost my temporary card (Darn!). While inside a lady next to me at the counter caught my attention.

She is around my age and was in great shape. I liked her causal outfit with the cut up jeans and the top. I am trying to figure out what type of summer tops I like. Even though the end of the summer is near and I bought a summer top last week, still need at least a couple more.

But what really drew my attention was her hair. I tried to get a picture of her from behind, so I could show  the back length of her hair as it was past her shoulder blades. I loved the color as it was close to mine. The curls added a nice feminine touch. I would like to add a wig that is longer for the cooler months that I can curl.

As I passed her at the counter, I told her that I liked her hair and she smiled saying thank you. I wish I could have asked her how she got her hair like that. But being in boy mode, decided against it. Later I figured I could have said my daughter was looking for a hair style like that and then ask the question.

I sent this picture to my youngest daughter who is a hair expert and wears extensions. She told me that in Atlanta you can get the best work on your hair and that they were probably extensions and not a wig. I told her that I thought it might be a wig but the hairline was so natural. Again my daughter stated that in Atlanta, they have beauticians that can do wonders with lace front wigs and you can not tell.

I am going to check into that.

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