Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday August 27, 2016 - Finally had my followup Dr appointment

Yesterday, I finally made it to my 30 day HRT followup about 40 days late. I made my appointment late (4:40 pm) to make sure any issues that came up would be solved. I apologized to the Dr. but he was OK with it. He extended my prescription for 90 days and said someone from the office would call, if my blood work showed any problems. I was given a good bill of health after a short examination and he stated I looked well. I stated I felt well and thanks to him, my body image is being to match.

Basically, everything is going well physically and we talked about my elevated A1c (8.1+)  which needs to get under 7.5. I think he wants it under 7.0. This number is an indication of diabetes. I was surprised in 2010 when I was told my A1c was 10 and that they wanted to put me on insulin. I said to myself, hello no to insulin.

The next day is when I changed my eating habits and started exercising. I do not want to take insulin, so I decided to cure it naturally. It took 18 months and a new way of eating to get down from about 235 lbs to 160 lbs.

Now that I am not exercising (lack of motivation plus I want fat in womanly places) plus late night eating, my weight is up (181 lbs) and so is my A1c is up. So starting this weekend, I am going back into the gym and check my food. I eat a lot of hot dogs, salads, pizza and baked chicken. The only sugar I eat is yogurt and an occasional jelly sandwich. I do not like peanut butter. Of course, I now drink alot of water and very little diet soda. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. One wine cooler will give me a buzz.

Anyway back to the Dr's office. I was treated as a lady the entire time. They have a large Transgender clientele, so like E3000 (elecrology),they treat you very well.

I am a cash paying client, so my visit was $156.00 and my blood work $64.00. That is not bad, as they told me it was going to be about $300. So it looks like I will be paying $220.00 very 3 months ($73.33/month) plus $53 per month for meds. A total of $126.00+/- is not bad.

I spent 30 minutes with the front staff talking about buying woman clothes and Goodwill and these new phone apps. I will write about these apps shortly. This is a very interesting use of social networking. I used one of these app to sell a 2002 Toyota Camry for $2,400. I think there is an entreprenuerial play with this by monetizing items you want to get rid of, buy and resell (the car) or make and sell. I bought the car for $1,900 on Tuesday and sold it Friday. I am going to sell a car a month to pay for my Dr's appointment and meds.

I have not worked on my voice like I should. But I am working more on conversations with woman as a woman (woman talk). I now initiate conversations with woman as Susan by complimenting something. I just try to talk from my head and soften my voice. I will start more detailed work later this year.

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