Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday August 19, 2016 - I failed as a boy. YEAH!

Yesterday, I helped my elementary school friend and his brother move his 90-year old mother from her house into a new and very nice Assisted Living facility. She was one of the first residents to move in.

I brought them lunch and helped move and empty some boxes. I came in boy mode. I had on a racing bra and two T-shirts. The first T-shirt was tight and the second T-shirt was larger. I was ready to work and help move.

After about three hours, we drove over to his Mom's house to pickup some more of her items. I was sitting in the back of his car, while he and his brother were sitting upfront. They are both over 6'4" and needed the legroom.

Once we returned to the facility, we drove by two young African-American female employees. We met them earlier in the day. Now they were by the car and getting ready to leave. We stopped and rolled down the passenger window. All of the windows were lightly tinted.

Let me say, what happens next is a joke that African American make when among themselves. So no one took it personal. I just want you to know this ahead of time.

The older brother spoke to the ladies at the car and asked them what they were doing and why the were leaving.

The one young nurse said that she was going to call 911 because there were two old black men in a Mercedes hassling them and having a women in the back seat. We all laughed and my friends were laughing about both her threat and that I was mistaken for a women. The young girl, looked at me again and the laughed apologizing for referring to me as a female.

I said no problem and that we need to move fast before 5 or more police officers "beam in" to check our identification. About 45 years ago, as teens we were stopped and hassled by the police on a few occasions. So we started talking about those days and our thoughts. It brought back many funny memories.

As we moved to park the car, I was on cloud nine. I was so happy because it was the first time I was mistaken for a woman while in boy mode. Granted, the window reduced her view. But my face is developing enough female qualities that people who just catch a quick glimpse of me may see enough female characteristics to ID me as a female.

This supports the fact that when I look in the mirror, I see more female qualities. Wednesday night, Karen said my face was looking more female. Last week, this same friend, stated I looked more youthful and my face looked clearer.

Karen, my friend and now this young nurse all seem to agree, my face is presenting more female characteristics. Because I was diffidently in boy mode, all three time. I think its due to the placement of fat. More fat is being deposited in my cheekbones up and back to my eyes. Also my eye area looks different.

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