Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday October 14, 2016 - Just reduced my monthly HRT medicine bill another 30%

In June 2016, when I bought my first HRT prescription, I paid $70.00for a monthly supply. I thought $70 was not too bad. Its the cost of 1 hour with my electrologist.

My monthly prescription is:
$53.00 - 60 tabs of 100mg Spironolactone (2/day)
$ 9.00  - 60 tabs of    2mg Estradiol (2/day)
$ 8.00 -  30 tabs of    5mg Finasteride
$70.00  TOTAL

Then, in August, I found GoodRx. It's web site that helps you significantly reduce your prescription cost. I signed up for free and put in my prescription. It found that my local Walmart took the GoodRx coupon. My monthly cost dropped to $41.00. This is a $29.00 savings or a 41% reduction. The reduction was based on an GoodRX coupon that reduced the Spironolactone from $53.00 to $24.00

Well, yesterday I found an additional saving that reduced my monthly prescription down to $28.00. Its a $13.00 savings or an additional 12.3% reduction.

My monthly prescription is:
$20.00 - 60 tabs of 100mg Spironolactone (2/day)
$ 4.00  - 60 tabs of    2mg Estradiol (2/day)
$ 4.00 -  30 tabs of    5mg Finasteride
$28.00  TOTAL

How did I do this. I read an article about Sams pharmacy offering Finasteride at no cost for Sams Club Plus members. So I went buy the pharmacy to ask them about this. They told me that the State of Georgia does not allow them the sell Finastride at no cost. I gave them my prescription and the total monthly cost was $28.00. I saved $156.00 per year ($13.00*12 months).

However the Sams Club Plus card cost $100.00 per year. The $156.00 saving more that offset the cost of the card. Then I found a Groupons coupon that allows me to buy an annual Plus card for only $45.00 plus they will give me a $5.00 Sams gift card and rotisserie chicken.

So in 5 months, I was able to reduce my monthly medicine cost from $70.00 to $28.00. This is $42.00 savings or a 60.00% savings. Its only cost me less than $40.00 for the Sams Plus card and now I have access to the lower priced gas and food.

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