Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday October 29, 2016 - High Sugar levels

Back in February 2010, I was getting a new term life insurance policy. A nurse came by and took a blood sample. The next week, my insurance agent told me that the insurance company was worried about my sugar level and that I was becoming diabetic.

So they sent me to their doctor who gave me a diabetic kit and prescription. I said to myself that I am not going to take insulin. So I read about natural alternatives and found that diet and exercise can help control it.

We were coming out of that devastating recession and the stress was killing people,causing heart attacks  and strokes. I had lost three associates within the past two years. So I began to thing of my own mortality.

It was at that point I decided that if I wanted to transition, it was now or never. So to get ready to transition and to control my blood sugar, I changed my eating and began exercising. By September 2011, I had lose weight (65 lbs) and was eating healthy. Plus I looked great in a size 8/10 dress.

Up until October 2015, I did great. But with my grandkids living with me, I lost control of my strict eating and by the time I started HRT, I lost my motivation for heavy cardio.

Last Saturday, I was tested for a new glaucoma study and a blood text was taken. I was called by the Doctor and told that my blood sugar was high 400+. I was surprised but I figured that I had eaten 2 donuts for breakfast.

So this week, I am recommitting the my eating lifestyle and will return to heavy cardio (120 min+). In the meantime, I am going to test various foods, my HRT meds and exercise, to see their impact my sugar level.

I noticed that after I worked out Thursday night for 1 hr, my sugar level dropped to 171. Also, my HRT meds do not seem to impact my sugar level.

I guess every once in awhile I still need a good kick to straighten up.

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