Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday October 18, 2016 - Problems with my prescription

Since I started in June 2016, I have used my local Walmart to buy my HRT medication. I only get a four month (3 refill) prescription because I am suppose to see the Doctor every 3 months. I am OK with that.

Well the first three months (June, July & Aug) went well. I had my Dr's appointment and my pharmacy was sent a new prescription. In Sept, I was in Mississippi and needed a refill. There was a Walmart with a pharmacy just 2 miles from the hotel. So I called them and they helped me transfer my prescription to this MS store. They filled my prescription and everything was fine.

When I got back to Atlanta and filled my two week tray, I noticed I was short 13 tablets of Spironolactone. So I called my local pharmacy and had them pull back my prescription from MS. They sold me the additional 13 tablets. I should have gotten the 13 pills at no cost, but I could not prove that the MS store shorted me

In the beginning of Oct, I bought my monthly prescription. I noticed the bill was low but did not realize that instead of 60 tablets of Spironolatone, they sold me only 13 tablets. So I called them and they realized I was 47 tablets short. When I went to pick them up, they only could sell me 34 because I had already bought 13 when I came back from MS and 13 in the beginning of Oct.  My prescription was only 60 per month. So 60-13-13 = 34. WTF!

Then they told me I had no more refills. I was upset, but unlike my pre-HRT days, I did not cause a scene. I guess I am changing. I remained calm and left.

From my car, I called my Dr's office and they told me they would check on it. The office called me back a few hours later and said WalMart had made a mistake because they were referring to the old prescription and not the new September prescription. So I can buy the extra 13 pills and I have two more refills (Nov & Dec).

Maybe acting like a lady does have its perks.

I have a Dr's appointment at the end of November. So I will get a new prescription for December. Hopefully, it will be under a six month cycle, if my November blood work is good.

I am moving my prescription to Sams Club. It might not be any better, but it will be less expensive.

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