Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday October 4, 2016 - My first Time out

I was cleaning my closet and found a set of old pictures of Susan (1993-200). I can not believe how time flies. That was 16 to 23 years ago. Darn!

In 1990, I decided I need to address my dyphoria by telling my parents that the adversion therapy did not work. From that day until now, I have only worn woman panties. It was my early attempt at trying to address my dysphoria.

Finally in 1993, due to this new thing called the internet, I found a Tri-Ess group in Atlanta. I remember Tri-Ess from the Phil Donahue show. Tri-Ess is a national heterosexual crossdressing group that makes room for the wife or girlfriend.

The first time I went to a meeting, I was not dressed and just eat at the hotel restaurant while they were having a meeting. After the meeting, I approached them and talked to the President, who was a wife of one of the members. I asked if I could join.

I was welcomed with open arms and met another wife who was a Mary Kay associate. She invited me to her house for a makeup session.

So on September 12, 1993, I introduced Susan to the world. I checked into the local hotel and changed into Susan. I bought a name tag with Susan King on it. I do not remember what happened but I enjoyed the weekend and had some pictures taken. Below is one of them.

I like the dress but the makeup add hair needs work. I had bought some prescription glasses just to wear when dressed.

I remember those days of wearing stockings. I miss stockings because I have great legs, like my Mom and I loved the feel and look of stocking. My favorite stockings were ultra sheer black. I still have a draw full of stocking, but have not worn them in years. But, I still wear tights during the winter. .

The next month, I went to another weekend meeting. We walked from the hotel to a local Arby's for lunch. I was so scared. I remember feeling like I was in a fish bowl. We ordered and ate at the restaurant.

I do remember at this meeting talking about a national convention in Atlanta, called Southern Comfort. I thought it was a good idea and though about going. But I decided against it.

Below I placed my 1993 picture next to my Pre-HRT 2016 picture. I could highlight so many differences. But the main different in mental. In 1993, I was just peeking my head out of the closet. I was a guy, dressing as a woman. But I did not have the confidence and I did not know how to bring Susan out. I was so afraid.

By 2016, I have the confidence and thanks to the internet, I have the knowledge. Remember in 1993, there was no femulate.org. How did we live without it?

Who says we do not get better with age?



I have come a long way and I can not wait for the next chapter to unfold.


  1. Susan, I knew some of the people in the local Tri-Ess group back then. My first time out was at Southern Comfort in 1997 and I was a staff member of the conference from 1998-2002. I just got back from this year's Southern Comfort on Sunday, my first conference in 14 years.

  2. It's in Jacksonville, Fl now? How was the conference?

    1. It's in Ft. Lauderdale now. It was a long drive but the conference was great. Getting to see friends I've not seen in 16 years because they went stealth and are now coming back to the trans community. Other friends I also haven't seen in a few years even though they live north of Atlanta. Also got to meet new people and some Facebook friends who are now real time friends. I got to meet Sarah McBride who stood before the Democratic National Convention and said, "I am a proud transgender woman." Also airline captain Jessica Taylor, Harvard swimmer Schuylar Bailor, SRS surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers, Kellie Maloney who was Lenox Lewis' manager when he won the Heavyweight Championship and Jeanette Jennings (Jazz's mom).

    2. Sounds like it was alot of fun.

  3. If you can make it, consider Fantasia Fair next year.... It's well worth the effort, and there is more to do in P'town.....

  4. I worked at Foxwoods a few years (2007-2009). I wanted to go to Fantasia Fair but never made it.