Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday October 26, 2016 - Lingerie

A great way for me to deal with my dsyphoria was with lingerie. I have some really nice camisoles  that I use to match with my panties and wear, under my male clothes, during the fall and winter. I would also wear baby doll and chemise tops to bed. It would help me get a good night sleep.

The picture on the right are three examples of the type of camisoles, I wear. The blue is a nice T-shirt style with a longer hemline. The red spaghetti strap top is my favorite style. I have them in many colors and they work well under my male shirts. I have a few strapless tops. But I do not wear them often.

The feel and femininity of them is so nice and they help with those feelings.You may notice they are all lace. I use to have them in a soft satin material, but over time I was able to replace them with lace ones.

If your Significant Other does not approve of wearing them to bed, then wearing a nice camisole under your male clothes, helps. As a matter of fact, I got this suggestion from my Mother in the early 1990's. After I came out to my parents by telling them  that I was  not "cured", my Mother recommended that I find some soft and pretty camisoles to wear like a T-shirt under my male clothes. Thanks Mom.

Below is an infographic of different types of lingerie. I wear baby doll, camisole and chemise styles.

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