Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday October 12, 2016 - Another Boy Fail

Sunday, before I went out, I decided that i was going to wear one of my 36B bras. I have a very pretty lace bra and I wanted to wear it. When I tried it on, I did not quite fill the cups. But I am getting closer. You can see me in it below.

I love the look of this bra, but you can see from the right side picture that there is still some empty space at the top. I do not quite push out the lace along each cup's top.

Even if the pace of my breast growth slows, which I expect, I will probably will fill out this bra and the other 36B bras by the end of the year (2.5 months).

I then tried on a variety of shirts, including one of my new shirts, to see how I look with this bra on. With each of the shirts below, I could not hide my breasts. I was failing in male mode. This is going to be an issue because I had not expected to go full-time until later in 2017. However, the changes I am experiencing may cause me to go full-time sooner. Or I will need to find away to hide my breasts. I may need a binder which I do not want to wear.

If you look at these five pictures, you will see that my breasts line is obvious. Growing up with gyncomastia, I learned how the hide small breasts.

If I go back to wearing a sports bra, that will help, but it it's not what I like to wear anymore. I thought I had a year of HRT before going full time. I no longer think I have that much time. I could see this as a big problem by January 2017. I might be able to hide my chest during the winter (Jan, Feb and part of March), but by spring 2017. I may have to go full-time.

I am in month 5 and I am having some issues I did not expect. I must try to get control of these issues, But I believe that the mental control I use to have is slipping away.

My main concerns are:
  1. Concealing my breasts
  2. Eating Control
  3. Getting back in Gym

This HRT stuff is harder than I thought. But I would not give up the 5.5 years of planning or the 4 months of results.

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