Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday October 8, 2016 - My first week living as Susan May 1994

In a previous post, I discussed my coming out in Sept 1993, as Susan through Tri-Ess. By the winter of 1994, I realized that Tri-Ess was not for me. It did not satisfy my dysphoria. As a matter of fact, it made me want more. I did not want to be a woman, once a month. I wanted to be one full-time.

However, this was a very busy time for me and transitioninng was out of the question. I was teaching full-time, with the Olympics coming, my appraisal business was running full-tilt and I was President of a growing and very success Little League program (50 baseball teams, on ESPN, CNN, ABC and NBC).

So I decided, I was going to use my May Hilton Head timeshare to live as a woman full-time for one week. I wanted to try and see if I go on vacation with only female clothes.

Starting in April, I starting buying shoes and outfits for seven days. I decided to even leave the house as Susan, drive 4 hours to Hilton Head and spend from Saturday afternoon until the next Saturday morning as Susan.

Even back in 1994, I kept my legs shaved. But on Friday night I did a body shave. On Saturday morning I shaved my face, dressed and added makeup. On the way out, I stopped and had acrylic nails added. It was the first time I had my nails done. I was nervous but it was fun to have nice long red nails (1990's).

After finishing my nails, I drove 4.5 hours to Hilton Head. I was early, as I could not check into my unit until after 5 pm. This allows the cleaning of the individual units.

I drove to the Island museum and toured it. I had a lady in the parking lot, take this picture.

After the museum tour, I checked into the Island Club. Again, I had a security guard, take this picture.I soon realized that heels were not worn at a beach resort. So I had all of these heel and ended up wearing my white sneakers and one pair of flats, the rest of the time.

I do not remember what I did everyday during the week. I know, I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I went shopping and bought some new foundation. The Mary Kay foundation was OK, but I ended up buying some new Fashion Fair foundation. I spent a few days practicing my makeup.

I did go canoeing one day. I liked this outfit. The white shorts and top were cute for the time.

The main problem I remember was how my foundation began to come off after sweating while canoeing. I did not realize that until I got back to the condo.

This was the first time I realized the difference between dressing as a male and being a female. I needed to check my makeup after I finished and before I paid the clerk. Also makeup and a workout do not go together.

This is another one of my outfits. I had the security guard take this picture.

Finally, I did go out one night to a club in Savannah. I did not get any pictures but it was nice to get dressed up and go out.

After the week was over, I wanted more. I had a great time and did this again in 1996, just 2 months before the Atlanta Olympics.

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