Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday October 5, 2016 - Cost of Transition

Below is a good infographic that outlines some of the surgery costs of MTF transgender surgery.

For me, I can see having my Adams apple shaved. But I am willing to let what nature gives me for the rest. I have not decided on SRS. At this time, my answer is no, as. I  HRT do its thing over the next 24 months..

For me, what is not included but mentioned at the bottom of the graphic is electrology. That along with losing weight were the two most important costs for me.

Electology cost me over $10,000 during a 4 year period. I am still going periodically to get stray hairs. But having a smooth face impacts your look and application of makeup.

Weight loss and weight control is an ongoing lifelong issue. Once I lost 60+ pounds over 18 months, its a lifestyle change that keeps it off.

Being thinner allows you to create a more natural feminine look by hiding more of your male traits (shoulder  and stomach areas).

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