Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday October 2, 2016 - Injectables in short supply.

My doctor put me on pills. However, I belong to a yahoo HRT group. For years, Transwoman have talked about how after years on the patch or the pill, moving to injectable hormones induced a new accelerated growth spurt.

By injecting hormones directly into the blood stream, you bypass, at least the first run through the liver, so a more powerful version of estrogen reaches your receptors.

Now there is a problem with the supply of this form of female hormones in the US. Many Transwoman are now buying them through overseas sources which maybe dangerous. I am not sure how dangerous they really are. But the U.S. gov't, US credit card companies, US Banks and others are making it more difficult to purchase drugs overseas.

I maybe paranoid, but I wonder if there is an anti-LGBT, especially T, motivation to this crisis. Just wondering.

Transgender Women Are Facing a Devastating Medical Crisis-and No One's Talking About It

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