Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday October 11, 2016 - Sunday out with Karen

Sunday afternoon Karen and I got together to see a movie. BTW, we saw The Girl On The Train. It was a very good mystery. You should go see it, especially if you think you are good at picking the killer early in the movie.

Also the interaction among the female characters was very interesting. I am starting to get (feel) those relationships.

Anyway, Karen was out of town for two weeks in order to visit her son and celebrate her birthday. After the movie, we went shopping at Target looking for jewelry cases.

I really in join this relationship, because it gives my that woman-to-woman relationship that allows me to ask questions and get direct opinions, comments and recommendations from another woman. We have hung out while I was in both boy and Susan mode.

After not see each other for two weeks, Karen stated that she noticed a slight change in my face. Also my new clothes were nice and the new shirts hid any breast development.

While at Target, we walked around just talking about random things. We also talked about clothes, shoes, household decorations and jewerly we liked. Her taste is more eclectic too me. I am more conservative.

For example she likes:

I like:

I find the difference in taste fun as we discuss why we like certain things. I notice part of her taste is based on her experiences of living in California, but also her decades as a woman.

I am still learning what works for me and I stay conservative. Maybe after a few more years and going full-time, I will have the confidence to experiment more.

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