Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday August 21, 2015 - Shoes

Tuesday, after my electrology session and before my pedicure, I went shoe shopping at both Payless Shoes and Shoe Show. Both of these stores are between the electrology office and the nail shop.

I went to Shoe Show first. They have a nice selection of flats. I bought my white pair from this store. However, this time they just had basic colors and I was looking for some unique colors like a maroon, red or something that will work with a green outfit.

Their heel selection is not that good. There are some nice pairs but most of them do not fit well or hurt my feet. Until, I found the pair below. This pair made my heart flutter. I do not know what it was about this shoe but if I were wearing heels on a consistent basic, I would have bought these at full price.

I think it was the gladiator style of the straps and the peep toe. This is what shopping is all about. Finding that piece that just says "yes". I tried them on and they not only fit but they were so comfortable. My toes looked great in them. My overall foot appeared smaller because of the straps. Finally, they hugged my small ankles and my heel sat perfectly.

It was very hard for me to put them back. I wanted to cry, but I knew I am at least 1 year away from wearing heels on a consistent basis. As I write this post, those shoes keep calling me and I think I am going to answer yes, as a treat to me and just save them for next year. Last winter I bought those fur boots, yet I did not wear them last winter. But I will wear them this winter. So I can do the same with these shoes. Summer is almost over, but I can save them for next summer.

With tears in my eyes :-), I left and went to Payless Shoes.

They were having a sale and I wanted to see what was marked down. I like Payless Shoes over Shoe Show because of their variety in my size (12).

As I walked in, the young sales clerk said hello and I smiled returning the salutation. I headed for shoe racks for my size. Most of the styles, I had either bought, tried on or had seen before. Except the pair I tried on.

They were a nice pair of nude heels with a silver tip. I usually do not like pointed toe shoes because, to me, it makes my foot look longer. But these did not do that.

I tried them on and walked to the mirror. The sales clerk walked by and said they looked nice on me and my foot color accentuated the shoe. She stated that she liked them she but her skin color did not match well with the shoe color. We talked for a few minutes and I noticed the whole time, she used female pronouns when referring to me.

Women will do that, even when I am not trying to "pass". Even as a feminine male, some ladies accept my attempt to be feminine. Most guys either do not use gender language or over use male pronouns. I think for guys, they want to make sure I know they are not "fooled". I just want to tell them, I am not trying to fool anyone.

Anyway back to my shoe shopping. I like this pair but my feet started to hurt along the toe area. So these shoes are a definite no. But they did look cute.

Once I finished at Payless Shoes, I headed for my pedicure.


  1. I normally try to avoid unsolicited advice but I think you should have bought both pair. Even if your plan is to be out and about next year in heels you can do as many do and wear them around the house. They will break in a bit and get somewhat more comfortable and you will become used to wearing heels and will learn how long each shoe can be worn before pain starts to exceed pleasure.

  2. Good idea, thank you. You convinced me to buy at least the brown pair. I always welcome advice from others because that is the best way to learn. Feel free to give advice anytime. :-}