Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday August 16, 2015 - My shoe is finally on sale

I have been waiting for this shoe to go on sale since June 5th. It finally has and I bought a pair for only $10.

I love shopping for women's clothes and getting good deals.

I want this pair for my fall outfits. I love the color palette. The grey and dark red with yellow remind me of fall and the changing colors. I may wear them with my yellow pants but it will be the dark brown and grey pants I wear during the fall.

I went out Saturday and bought these flats. I also bought some more cute ankle socks and some safety pins.

I bought the safety pins because I  have been having problems keeping my ankle socks together after I was them in the dirty clothes hamper.

So I decided to use safety pins to pin both ankle socks together, once I put them in the bin.

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