Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday August 4, 2015 - What to wear

As a guy my closet is basic and stagnant. Growing up I  hated shopping because I wanted girl clothes and could care less about boy clothes. I use to rebel by not coordinating my boy clothes. I would wear anything.

When I went to college my nickname was "color man" because I would wear any color. During college I matured and stared wearing basic color pants and a shirt that matched. I only had two pair of shoes (black and brown).

Even today, my boy wardrobe is basic and I only replace my shoes when they wear out. My shirts come from holiday gifts. I do not shop for men's clothes. It's kind of funny because my father was a big shopper and was well dressed. I am sure he wanted a son who would learn to shop like him and get into clothes.

Well, I am into clothes, it is just the other half of the closet. I always wanted to shop in the girls section with my mom, matching and discovering my style. In the mid 1990's after coming back out to my parents (I was not cured in the 1970's), my mother and I went shopping and had lunch as mother and daughter. I will always remember that day.

But now as I go out more, one issue I discovered is that as much as I like my femboy outfits, I do not like wearing them twice. I love the newness and mixing and matching to find something new. Even my workout clothes, I do not like wearing the same outfit twice. So I try to find new T-shirt sets (I wear two at a time) with different leggings.

I guarantee this is going to happen with my woman's wardrobe. I can find that great dress and love wearing it. But not for years. Unlike my boy clothes which I wear for decades, by female clothes will need to change very often.

I now use Goodwill for my femboy clothes and it works great because its not expensive and I can gift them back and get a tax break.

Goodwill will work for my woman's wardrobe, but I do need some new current and cute pieces.

Thank goodness for the new women's clothing rental service. I have not tried them yet, but I definitely will. These services are perfect for women like me who need to constantly change their wardrobe. You pay a monthly fee and you then pick out your clothes and have them mailed to you. Its like the old Netflix model. Once you finish wearing them, you mail them back in a labeled box. No need to dry clean. That alone makes it worth it.

Then add a few nice jewelry pieces, the right shoes, handbag and makeup and you are ready to go out in style. I will probably buy a few items from the rental service and update some items using Goodwill. But using these services to keep my wardrobe new and fresh is a must.

I personally like Le Tote

They have my size and style. Plus I like the gift bags with surprise items inside.

Below is a list of five services. 
The following is from Thestylishstandout.com  web site.

The Site: Rent The Runway
Why You’ll Love It: Rent The Runway truly has a wide variety of high-price dresses in sizes from 0 to 22. The site is set up so that you can filter by size, length and color, and you can favorite the pieces that stick out to you. There is a gallery of user-generated photos, so you can see how the garment looks on a real person, rather than a studio-ready model. The site also has stylists to consult via phone, email or chat to make sure you’re choosing the best look for you. If you want to make this a one-stop-shop, Rent The Runway has beauty, shapewear and accessories to round out your look with one purchase.
Why You Might Loathe It: You can only rent the garments for four- or eight-day periods, making for a quick turnaround.
For Your Information: This site has a free second size, making it a lot less stressful to order that gown so close to your event date. Worried the garment will be too snug or loose? Simply order a size up or down, respectively, to save yourself some last minute worry. You can also add a second garment altogether (of equal or lesser value) for an additional $32.50 for the rental. Talk about getting your bang for your buck.

The Site: Le Tote
Why You’ll Love It: Le Tote mimics those wonderful monthly subscription services, but this time with clothes instead of perfectly sized makeup samples or adorable pet-themed boxes. The beauty of Le Tote is that you can simply “heart” an item to add it to your wish list, and in each box you receive, you get at least one hand-chosen item from that wish list, in addition to some items that your Le Tote stylist picked out for you based on your interests. If you get something you fall in love with, you’re free to keep the item to purchase it and just send the rest back. You can opt for the Boutique Box ($49) or the Jewelry Box ($19).
Why You Might Loathe It: The size range is only from a 0-12 and XS-L, eliminating a lot of customers from purchasing.
For Your Information: You can return the box as quickly or slowly as you want. If you want multiple boxes in a month, your monthly payment doesn’t change, just your personal turnaround time.

The Site: Gwynnie Bee
Why You’ll Love It: This is a modern and expansive clothing rental service for plus sizes. The site has many monthly plans, including a plan for one item out per month all the way up to 10 garments out at a time. This ranges from $35 to $159 per month. One of Gwynnie Bee’s advantages is that you can rent something as simple as a cardigan up to a formal dress, much like Le Tote. Plus-sized fashion bloggers have fallen for the rentable clothing resource. Plus-sized clothing tends to be inconsistent across sizing (as many shoppers, even those who wear straight sizes, have struggled with) so this company gives women an opportunity to try out brands and trends without the disappointment of a wasted chunk of money on a poorly fitting frock of gargled fashion.
Why You Might Loathe It: Sizes aren’t consistent among categories. They go up to a size 32 in dresses and tops, but only a size 24 in jeans.
For Your Information: You don’t have to send back all of your garments at once–feel free to keep one especially prized pair of pants a little longer than the rest of your rentals. You’ll receive a new shipment of the same amount of items that you sent back.

The Site: Swapdom
Why You’ll Love It: Swapdom isn’t just for fashion and accessories—this site includes fashion, kids gear and more, and soon it will include home goods that you can swap with your neighbor. The site works in a round-circle exchange situation. Once you say what you want and what you have to offer, a proposal is worked out, ensuring that everyone involved in a swap gets what they want in the end. Because you’re not outright buying the items, Swapdom is free. Outside of a shipping fee with included processing fees that promise not to be more that $2, this is a free option.
Why You Might Loathe It: Sometimes you don’t have anything to give, and you’d rather just buy that new dress as opposed to finding, uploading a picture of, and convincing someone else to buy an item you already have.
For Your Information: Because your success relies so heavily on what you have to offer in exchange, take time to carefully shoot and process your photos of items up for exchange. This step is extremely important.

The Site: Bag, Borrow Or Steal
Why You’ll Love It: This site offers a rental service for designer accessories; including bags, jewelry, sunglasses, watches and vintage items. This gives readers the chance to borrow, buy or sell these items from brands such as Dior, Gucci or Alexander Wang. You can pick up not only the perfect bag, but also a complimentary watch. There isn’t a list of how much you can rent out, so if you have your wallet ready to throw down the cash, you can stock up at Bag, Borrow or Steal.
Why You Might Loathe It: With only accessories, you can’t quite find your perfect outfit. If you already have it, however, this is the perfect supplementary rental service. Prices, even just for rentals, are particularly high.
For Your Information: If you want your bag for a little longer, but still aren’t sold on purchasing, just keep it. The rental will be renewed without having to send the item back. There’s also a sale section for even more discounted rentals.

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