Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday August 31, 2015 - My Sister

I was at the dentist (my sister's office) for 4 hours. My mouth is sore but cleaner.

Last night I arived at my sister's house around 2:30 am. My sister and I sat up for a few minutes so I could get an update on my mother. Then she surprised me by asking about my transgender issue. She asked how it was going.

In case you did not read my previous posts about my sister, she was the least receptive due to her religious convictions.  Post #1    Post #2

So for her to ask about it was a surprise. I vaguely told her my transition was "moving along". She stated that a friend of hers watches I am Cait and All That Jazz.

Then she told me that she has watched a few espiodes of I am Cait.


How many is a few? I know it was more than two. But I decided not to ask. The fact that she watched it and told me, was really cool. I know she watched it to learn more about me.

We talked about Caitlyn's political leanings which I find very interesting. I finally put my head around a Tranwoman Tea Party voter. But that is Ok, We need advocates in all parties and voting blocks.

I returned the discussion to me and forward in more details because she is trying and so I decided to push it. So I told her about my Doctor's appointment and my plans.

I decided to test her again by asking if she wanted to see some pictures. Last time, she said she did not want to see me dressed.

Again to my surprise, she said yes. So I pulled up some photos on my phone. She stated, I looked like our mother's mother.

After about 1.5 hours, because it was getting late, we stopped and went to bed.

While taking my evening (early morning) shower, I realized, this transition is going well and my friends, family and the community are going to adjust.


  1. After reading the linked posts (#1 and #2), this is decidedly a real step forward for you and your sister. May it continue.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate your positive thoughts. I hope over time she will be able to embrace me as her "sister" as well as her brother.