Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday August 26, 2015 - HRT

Today is a very important day in my transition.  I am having my annual phyiscal and I am going to talk to the Doctor about hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

I started going to this doctor in 2013 because he provides transgender care in his practice. The first two years, I got an annual physical with blood work, just to get a history in this practice.

Today I am going in Femboy mode and talk with him about HRT. I am very excited because this is another important step in my transition. Below is my transition schedule that I started in 2010 and expect to end in 2017.
  1. Lose weight  (lost 65 lbs in 18 months - down to size 8/10) DONE
  2. Lose facial hair (32 months - 95+% gone - no longer shave) FINISHING
  3. Start wearing feminine clothes in public - 10 months as a femboy - comfortable out in makeup and female clothes  NOW
  4. Coming out -I have been telling family and will continue with family and then friends NOW
  5. Makeup  NOW
  6. Female mannerisms  NOW
  7. Voice - once I finish electrology will pay for voice coach  LATE 2015 OR 2016
  8. HRT -  2016
  9. Full Time female - LATE 2016 - EARLY 2017 - after 6/12 months of HRT
  10. FFS - Feminine Facial Surgery - Trachea Shave  2017 - after 12 months of HRT
  11. SRS (?)

Today is about Step 8. I want to talk to the doctor about his recommended HRT regime. Also, I would like to know what his requirements are for his HRT supervision. I went to him because I heard he will start HRT under informed consent.

Wish me luck. I will let you know how it goes in my Thursday post.

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  1. Be careful - You will also want a psychologist who will treat you for the 1 year RLT. GP's may have a hard time prescribing hormones unless you have this care, and can consult with the psychiatrist.....