Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday August 2, 2015 - Getting Back To Normal

For the past two weeks, I have been out of my routine. I spent 6 days in CT and about a week in an area hotel while work was done on my house.

We moved back in Friday. Yesterday, I started getting back in my routine.

First I unpacked most of my clothes. I packed my own jewelry and makeup. But the movers packed my clothes and they unpacked Susan's clothes in another room. So it took two hours to get everything back in order.

Then I spent a few hours on me. I took a bubble bath and shaved, followed by a manicure. I did not have a lemon, so I did not do a lemon facial. I will do that today.

Final I hit the gym. I know I have gained weight because I have not exercised in July 18th or 19th. I tried to keep my calories down but with all of the restaurant dinners, I do not know how well I did.

I can not find my scale. I think part of the problem is that I am scared to get on it. I may workout this week and get on the scale August 7th or 8th.

I completed a 15 min warmup followed by a one hour workout. It felt good to get back in the gym. I can still wear my clothes, but they are starting to feel too tight.

I wear tight clothes because I like the way they look and they alert me when I gain even a little weight. I wore a grey and yellow outfit to the gym.

Next Saturday, may youngest daughter invited me to spend the day shopping. So I need to hit the gym hard, so my weight will be down by next Saturday.

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