Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday August 27, 2015 - Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday was one of the happiest days of my life. I had my annual doctor's physical. During my physical, I talked to the doctor about hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

I have been planning for this day for decades. Recently, since 2010, when I started my transition, the day I would ask to start HRT seemed a long way away.

Well here it is 5.5 years later. In 2013, I started going to this doctor because of his Transgender clinic.

I decided at the last minute not to go dressed as a Femboy but as a women. I figured, I wanted the doctor to see Susan. So I added heels, padded bra and a wig.

I felt very comfortable parking and going into the office. The office is in a converted house with rear parking and you walk around to the front door on a busy street. I walked in and went to the front desk. Both women said hello and asked my name. I gave them my male name because that is the name on my insurance card and the appointment is under that name. The lady closest to me ask for my preferred name.

That was nice, it reminded me of E3000 in Dallas. Companies that have many transgender clients, understand the name issue. So I told her, I would prefer Susan King. She entered my name into the computer and asked me to relax in the waiting room. Within 4 minutes, I was called in.

I was weighted and asked many questions. The intern asked if the three drugs I was on, were the only ones. I told her I was only on one drug for my glaucoma.

She said the notes had me on 4 mg of Estadiol Oral each day and 1.25 mg Finasteride per day. Wow.

But I told her I wanted to talk to the doctor today about HRT. She asked when I wanted to start. I told her around May 2016. She asked why wait. Most girls start right away. I stated I had a long term plan and I was not ready yet.

She smiled and said ok.  Once she finished checking my vital signs, the doctor arrived.

He reviewed my past physical data and current numbers. My only issue is that my blood sugar is still a little high. I told the doctor that I lost 65 lbs, workout 3 to 4 days a week and try to eat health just to keep my diabetes in check. I told him I have a family history of alcohol abuse, glaucoma, diabetes and prostate cancer. I added that, I do not drink, take daily eye drops and watch what I eat and exercise. The HRT will cure the prostate cancer and he agreed.

I asked what were his requirements for a transwomen to start HRT. He supports informed consent, meaning I could start as soon as I read and sign his consent forms. YEAH!!!

But I told him that I would not be ready until May 2016. He asked if I was already on hormones. I told him I has gynomastia which was a burden when I was growing up, but now its a gift.

I thought to myself, how I made the best decision when I was 14 years old and my dad asked if I wanted my little breast buds removed. I said no and luckily, he did not force me. Now I have a great base.

I was so happy. I know once I start HRT, it will be for life. If I decide against SRS, I will at least get a orchiectomy which will reduce the amount of  maintenance medicine.

Like my eye drops, HRT  will be for life.

Before I left, I made a June 10, 2016 appointment to come in and sign the informed consent forms and start HRT. This will be the longest 10 months of my life.

I still have much to do. I need to work on my voice, makeup and female mannerisms.


  1. I've read a few more of your posts. As time allows I will explore more of your blog. One thing is obvious about you. You are a disciplined planner. You set goals and work at accomplishing those goals with great zeal. If you could bottle and sell that attribute, you would soon be a multi-millionaire. Still, I can't help but wonder about the decision to delay starting HRT until June 2016. I had thought that date was due to medical requirements. Apparently, that is not the case. If the decision is made and you are without any doubts or concerns about the decision, why the delay? To a certain extent the biological clock is ticking. It is my understanding the positives effects of HRT diminish as one ages. (Perhaps I have that wrong.) What exactly do you hope to achieve through HRT?

  2. Kati,
    Thanks for the insightful comments. I have two reasons for the delay. Number 1 is my daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren are living with me until May 2016. My daughter is working and finishing her Master's Degree is Sociology. It calls for her to spend her last semester as a volunteer in a clinic at 25 hrs per week, plus she still works fulltime. My son-in-laws in construction. Them living with me for one year (only!) helps them financially and helps with managing the kids. The second reason is I am working on three projects in which I must still present as a male. They are at a critical stage that took a few years to reach this point. I do not want to mess with it now. By March 2016, either they will success or fail. If they success, I will have the income to transition and retire. So I set June 2016, just to give my daughter and her family 30 days after her graduation and for my business opportunities another 3 months to settle.