Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday August 19, 2015 - Electrology Session

Yesterday, I spent over an hour on the electrologist's table getting my whiskers zapped.

I arrived early to spend some time in the lobby returning emails.

Usually, I am arriving just in time or a little late. If I am running late, I call to give an ETA.

So when I arrived early, everyone was surprised. I told them I like to be fashionably late, but I needed to charge my laptop while in session hell :-}.

My tech took me in early (about 9:45 am instead of 10:00 am). I apologized for canceling twice late week. I explained that my surprise out-of-town guests thru my schedule is a mess.

She said no problem. I appreciate that response, but I know small businesses like this can not afford to have their schedule in flux.

My facial hair on my cheeks and sideburns are gone. Its mostly around the mouth and down the center of the neck. I still think three weeks between sessions is too long. It took my tech about 80 minutes to clear my face, with pain in the usually areas. The mustache area is the last to be cleared and creates the most tears.

She breaks my face up into four areas:

  1. Starts on the right side of my face and zaps a few hairs on my cheek and sideburn area. Then moves to my jaw line for a few minutes. Next she clears the right side of my neck.
  2. I turn on my side and she repeats Step #1 for the left side.
  3. She then clears my center neck from the Adams Apple up, over onto my chin and finally to my bottom lip
  4. Finally, she goes around the mouth and mustache
The most painful areas are along the jawline and section #4.

Once I am finished, I always need a tissue to dry my eyes. Its not crying per say, but my eyes water. This is why I put on my makeup after my session.

After we finished, I go out to the front lobby to pay, then make my next appointment (in two weeks) and head to the bathroom to freshen up and put on my makeup.

Yesterday, my makeup included

  1. Brown eyebrow pencil
  2. Black eyeliner
  3. Mascara
  4. Blush
  5. Lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss
I still need work on my eyeliner, especially the top line. I like my bottom line which I put on my waterline. The gel I put there did not come off until I removed it. I need a sharper gel pen or try a pencil.

I am going to Ulta Beauty to find one.

Tomorrow and Friday, I will continue my discussion about great Femboy Day.

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