Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday August 7, 2015 - Healthy Lips

Maintaining my lips has become a part of my daily routine. No matter which mode I am in, I think having healthy lips are important.

Your lips help project a healthy look and how you feel. When out as a Femboy, I use to wear clear lip gloss. Then I upgraded to a colored lip gloss. Now I wear lip liner with lipstick and a clear gloss over it. I love wearing lipstick.

Usually I use a subtle color and I have had no second looks our negative reactions. Of course people know I am wearing lipstick because of the color and the gloss that gives my lips a healthy shine.

I had to learn how to drink with a straw instead of from the cup's edge. I now use a straw 100% of the time. I use to never use a straw. By using a straw 100% of the time, it makes it easy to remember when out as a Femboy.

From a daily maintenance standpoint, I now use lip balm to keep my lips moist and healthy, when not wearing lipstick. In the morning I make sure I coat my lips with Vitamin E. In the evening before I go to bed, I put a thin coat of Vaseline on them. This additional routine makes my lips ready for lip liner, lipstick and gloss for those Femboy days.

The first time I got a makeover from an Avon sales lady, she complimented my on my lips and my bow area. It's funny how those little compliments early gives you that confidence. I remember my oldest daughter said to me in 9th grade that she likes wear sandals to school because she gets compliments on her feet. So I have always compliments my daughter on their appearance because I know how important that is for me. This is one of those little gifts from being transgendered.

I use Fashion Fair lipstick. Fashion Fair is probably considered old woman's cosmetics. I remember my Grandmother use to use White Shoulders and I thought that was for old folks.

I like the Fashion Fair color palette.

I got a nice compliment from a lady at the car rental agency on my white teeth. I was in Femboy mode and she asked me how I got them so white. I did have them whitened decades ago. But I remember the Avon lady telling me that the lipstick color was important in showing white teeth.

You can see that I use subtle color and add a clear gloss in the center. I set my lipstick using a lip liner under my lipstick covering most of my lip. I do not like a hard color contrast with a lip liner. I like it to be the same color as my lipstick or slightly darker.

I will keep working on my lips and applying lip makeup, so when I start presenting as a woman, this will be second nature.

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