Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday August 17, 2015 - Out and about

Sunday I went out in Femboy mode and went to Payless shoes and Big Lots.

I wore my yellow pants and shirt with a green spaghetti shell underneath. I added my white flats from shoe show. I love this yellow look during the summer and spring. I got some looks but its because I look so cute.

I went to Big Lots to buy some bread. My grandchildren eat alot of bread. So even though this bread has a quick expiration date, The bread will be gone before it goes bad. I added a few more things to my basket and headed to the check out.

The lady said I looked good in yellow today. I smiled and said thank you, Mira. Mira was on her name tag. We chatted for about a minute about the nice weather. Then she asked me for my Big Lots card. I did not have it in my purse, so I gave her my number. She asked if I was Mary Lasiter because that name came up with a phone number similar to mine. I said no and gave her my email address. My male name came up and I told her that was me.

I told her that I needed to put my card back in my pocketbook. I thanked her and she said have a nice day.

It feels so good when you get nice compliments. That is why I now compliment women all the time. It does not matter, how I dress, I know the time it takes to look nice. I am not trying to be a guy about it, but from one girl to another.

I went back over the Payless Shoes. I thought a new sale had started. But it starts Monday. So I did not buy anything and will try again Tuesday. Tuesday is my next Femboy day. I have my electrology session, Goodwill is senior day and I will check out the Payless Shoes sale.

However, I did find some nice flats.

 I like these peep toe flats. They fit well and I like the way my toes show through. They sit in the opening really nice.
 This pair has the nice emblem on the front. These shoes remind me of Tory Burch. I am going to buy a pair when they go on sale later in the season. They are different. I just need to find the right color.

I already have a grey flats and the other pair in stock was black.
This is a maroon color flat. It has elastic around the top of the shoes. This elastic grips my foot in a way that is not only comfortable but it look good. I have a brown pair with the elastic top and it wears well and frames my foot. I might buy this shoe because of the color. But again I am going to wait for a sale.


  1. WOW! Great outfit. The yellow just POPS! Those cute white flats pair perfect with those pants. LOVE the flats you have on your wish list too.

  2. The second picture of those flats with the emblem, reminded me of the flats you wear. That is why I am going to buy them. I can not afford the brand name.

    1. Please let me know if you get them, I'd love to see a close up of them. They look super cute so you really don't need the brand name ones.