Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday August 1, 2015 - Trans-attracted Men

I was reading an article about men who date Transwomen. As we break down barriers, one of the tough ones will be the demonizing of straight men who love Transwomen.

In order for Transwomen to have a larger pool of eligible men, society has to change its opinion and reaction to straight men dating Transwomen. I think this is slowly happening.

I remember as a college student in the 1970's a popular singer named Teddy Pendergras was in a car crash that paralyzed him. Yet all the talk was about a Transwomen who was in the car with him and that some how that led to the crash. (Story)

Lately, famous Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee resigned his job over dating Transwomen (Story). In reading the story, notice like many of the others, he states that he is not gay. He states that he is only attracted to Transwomen for oral sex. Dating a Transwomen does not indicate that you are gay.

And of course the worst support of this demonization is Jerry Springer (Video). For over 30 years, Jerry has shown Transwomen fooling men who come on the show to confess their love, only to end up fighting on stage. It supports the theory that Transwomen are out to trick straight men.

In reality,  the straight men are attracted to their femininity. Most "gay" men are attracted to masculinity. There could be some bisexuality involved but who cares. As society becomes more open to differences in gender and sexuality, the acceptance of "straight" men and Transwomen will come more accepting.

In the short run reality series, New Girls on the Block, the Andrew and Robyn couple started out as guy friends. When Robyn transitioned, they began dating and now live together. I feel they spent too much time discussing Robyn's need to get married. But it did show Andrew out with his friends and not being degraded. Andrews' parents have an issue with the relationship, but I give Andrew credit for coming on TV as a "straight" male dating and loving a Transwomen.

Matrix star, Keanu Reeves is dating Sense 8 star Jamie Clayton. Jamie is a Transwoman actress. To the left is a picture of the couple at a public event. This is an excellent example of a guy dating a Transwomen in public.

They are a good looking couple and there appears to be limited negative discussion about the couple. They both have strong careers that seem to not be adversely affected.

As more couples involving a transperson  come out, it will provide cover for others to be open about their interest and/or relationship with transpeople.

There is a good article about the dating options for Transwomen. (Story)

We will not have a more fulfilling life until society accepts us as women and not toys. That includes dating people in the open who see us for who we are, human.

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