Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday August 12, 2015 - Yesterday worked out OK

I has an old College friend and his wife visit yesterday. So I had to reschedule my Femboy day. I had fun reminiscing about 40 years ago. I remember when my parents use to do that. I thought they were so old talking about 40 year old events.

Darn, I must be getting old. But like I say, its better than the alternative.

Well after they left, I decided to take some feminine time. First I went to the gym. I had not been in a week due to my travel schedule. But I needed it.

I wore a pink and grey outfit. The grey outer shirt was long with multi-color words printed down the right side. The pink color that matched my leggings was in the print.

After I finished 75 minutes of cardio, I went home and took a nice warm bubble bath and shaved.

After my shave, I took a shower to make sure all hair clippings were removed. Then, I completed my daytime (even though it was night) body lotion routine. I did not get to complete my morning routine because of company arriving early. So I felt like doing it last night.

Once I was clean, smooth, soft and smelling nice, I completed a manicure while watching some funny youtube videos.

My nails are really looking good. They are not chipping as much. The only thing I am doing differently, is I am more aware of how I use my hands and I have a new clear nail polish.

My nails are getting longer. So I have to clip them down and shape them more.

As I get use to longer nails, I am keeping them slightly longer and I like the compliments I get from women. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Thursday I look forward to getting my face cleared by the electrologist.

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