Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday August 30, 2015 - No Boys Allowed

Saturday I went to a sad funeral of a clients's 26 year old grandson who died from sickle cell anemia. For me, funerals are sad events that remind me of my mortality.

I noticed that the family pulled up in a very nice and classy set of Camaros. One of her other grandchildren is married to a lady who started a women's only car club for owners of Camaros. They are a same-sex couple who have been married many years. They went to Boston and got married once same-sex marriage was approved.

The name of their club is No Boys Allowed (NBA).

As they drove up with the family members, others were amazed at the number of Camaros and their look. They were well kept with fancy wheels and very nice paint jobs.

The picture to the left, contains the Camaro of my client's granddaughter's wife. She is going to get a new paint job next week. She stated that she gets her car painted every year.

I thought, it would be nice if I could join a club like this. Now I am not a Camaro owner, nor am I into cars. But joining an all women's club would allow me to learn more about being a female. I could learn by immersing into an all women's environment. 

I asked my clients daughter-in-law, if they allow Transwomen to join. She smiled and said yes they would.

So I have decided that I am going to look for a female only club that relates to a hobby I like and accepts Transwomen. Once I find one, I will join in late 2016, after 6 months on HRT.

Maybe I can find a bridge, knitting or social club.

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