Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday June 1, 2016 - 3rd of 5 Outfits

Each day this week (M-F), I will model one of my five dress outfits. I will wear one of these outfits on June 10, 2016, to  my Doctor's appointment.

I love this picture. To me its the best picture Susan has taken. My face looks happy and feminine. The rosy plump cheeks and the great smile and a narrow chin.  All I have on is lipstick.

This is the first of three blue/green dresses. The last two were brown. I wore my heart necklace, along with a silver bracelet on one wrist and a white and blue shell set of bracelets on the other hand.

I was able to wear my pushup bra with this dress, which helped my curves.

 I started with my older black open toe, ankle strap heel with a creme flower on the toe strap. I like this shoe, but it is getting old. I see a little dry rot on the ankle strap. The material on the strap is cracking and flaking away.
 This is one of the shoes my daughter bought me for my birthday last year. I wore these shoes when I went out on the town in Orlando during my November visit.

I like these shoes, but I wonder if they are too dressy for a doctor's appointment.

I like this dress. I like the hemline, even though it's a little too short. I really like the print and the colors..
 This is a second pair of shoes my daughter bought me for my last birthday. I do not like the look with these shoes. The shoes is too clunky looking with all of the busy work around ankle. Its  not just a strap around the ankle.
 These are my old faithful black heels. I have owned them a long time. I paid a lot for them and they have are still very comfortable. They are a little old fashion but I can wear them. They are so comfortable.

The next picture is of the same heels.

 I love these heels. I bought them in the clearance section. The shoe's color match the dress. I like this shoe with this dress.
 This picture and the next are me in flats. This pair is teal with a medallion on it. It is not open toe but its a comfortable shoe and perfect to wear for the day.
This is my basic black flat with the buckles on it. Its a nice comfortable shoe, but I would wear the teal one first with this dress.

Overall, I really feel good in this dress and that face picture I took is trying to tell me something about how I feel in this dress.

The hemline is a little short, but I like this dress.

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