Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday December 21, 2014 - Spent Thursday and all day Friday as a femboy

I spent Thursday night and all day Friday as a femboy and had the best two days ever. Basically, I spent the whole day and a half shopping and looking for clothes.

I found more than clothes, shoes and jewelry. I found friends and consultants. It was unbelievable how people treated me. Even some guys (both store employees) treated me with respect and they complimented me.

After striking up a conversation, I was asked about my dress and I said I am trangendered and then gave them my history. It was fun and liberating, educating people and letting them know that we are real people.

I was more natural than ever before, saying hello, Merry Christmas and just talking to ladies in the stores about girl stuff.

Sometimes I get a little nervous when getting out of the car, but soon I was out and about talking in a manly but soft voice. I was called both Sir and Ma'am at times and it did not bother me, because I am presenting both, as a femboy.

Over the next week, I will break both days down by events, stores and items bought. I will include photos. Wait 'til you see my wig!

Here is a basic summary:

Stores - Items bought
Payless Shoes - three pair of shoes (two locations)
Goodwill - Pea Coat - could not find one
Burlington Coat Factory - Pea Coat
Belk - Looked around but did not buy
Kohl - Creme Coat
Quicktrip - Gas and Food
Hair Beauty Store - Jewelry and new wig (must see)
CVS Drug Store - Knee Hi's and some travel items for my purse
Foxy Nails - Pedicure - French tip color
Ultra Beauty - Makeup Advise form customer

Compliments - Payless, Hair Beauty Store and Ultra Beauty
Long Talk - Payless, Hair Beauty Store and Ultra

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