Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thursday January 1, 2015 - Leelah Alcorn

Leelah Alcorn was a teenage transgendered girl who committed suicide, because of family rejection. This a sad sorry to start 2015. However, it is what is motivating me to come out. We have to educate others that the future is bright. If we can make it, we must show others that there is hope and they can make it.

This reminds me of my cousin in the early 1970's came out and was rejected by her family. She died of AIDS in 1986 after having lived in the streets and becoming a transgendered prostitute to survive. She would have been 62 years old.

I believe just being out in the community can show a young person, who you will probably never meet, know that we exists and can live a long life.

Please, do what you feel comfortable doing to help our sisters. If we do not, who will?

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