Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday December 31, 2014 - Finally Told One

My wife and I have three beautiful daughter. They are in their 20's. As a matter of fact, my oldest turned 30 on Halloween. We use to joke during the pregnancy that it was looking more and more like a Halloween baby. Sure enough, contractions started at 3am on Halloween. We both looked at each other and said darn.

Sure enough even with it being the first baby and labor expecting to take many hours, a 21 hour-labor period was unlikely. So our first born is a Halloween baby.

She is now married with two children (6 and 4) and working on her Masters degree is Sociology.

She and I left the Family Christmas party to find a store to get some items. While out, I decided to tell her about my transgenderism. I plan on tell all three of my daughter, one at a time, when the time feels right.

It felt right to tell my oldest first because she is the oldest and her degrees are in the area of Sociology. I figured, knowing her father was a T in the LGBTQ alphabet soup might help her in her field..

Plus, it would help me get the courage to tell others. I told my first cousin years ago and my brother earlier this year.

Well, I told and she said she knew since she was 13 in 1997. I did not ask her how she found out. But I gave her my history and interactions with physiologists when I was a teen. I told her, there is no cure because its not an illness. Its just who I am.

I felt my transgenderism made me a better father for my daughters because I can understand certain things, especially as a pre-teen, learning makeup and clothes and the desire to shop.

I remember one time when the girls were getting ready to go on stage during their dance recital. I was in the back with the other moms applying makeup to my daughters. The other moms stated how amassed they were at how well I applied the makeup. I told them my standard story:  That my mother had a line of makeup and I learned from watching her staff applying markup during tests.

Telling my daughter went well. We talked about it and I answered some of her personal and clinical questions. Since she knew, she had no problems with it. I except my other daughters will feel the same way.

My issue with telling people is not concerns about rejection but exposing the truth about myself and dissolving those mental chains.

I am going get rid of those chains in 2015. That is my New Years resolution.

Be save this New Years Eve.

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