Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday December 18, 2014 - New Sweater Dress

While I was driving around as a femboy, last Saturday, I did some shopping, not much because my  To Do List. was too long. Also, one of my clients had an issue, so I had to stop for a long lunch and use the restaurant's WIFI to get online and help my client with their emergency.

What's great about today's virtual world is that I can work anywhere. All I need is my technology (phone, tablet or laptop) and a WIFI connection.

Anyway, I found a pretty sweater dress. I need to add some type of wrap for my shoulder and arms during the winter months. The color is Christmas-y but the lack of sleeves means I need a coat when outside and a wrap when inside.

I love how it hugs my body and it feels soft and feminine. I am wearing tights and heals for that feminine look. But as a femboy, I am going to add  jeans, flats and a coat.

Below is the dress as part of my femboy look. I added a hoodie and black jeans with flats. I folded the sweater dress up and under to bring the hemline to my waist and the hem of the hoodie.

I kept the top of the waist design showing. I think this looks cute and makes it look like a sweeter with a design along the hemline.

 I love playing with clothes and changing the look. All of this is helping me learn stuff, I should have learned as a young girl and teenager.

Better late than never.

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