Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday December 28, 2014 - Beauty Shop - Femboy day - I bought a new wig

After I left Payless on Friday, I was headed to Burlington Coat Factory to search for a pea coat. Just as I left the Payless Store a train began crossing the street I was going to use. It appeared like it would be a long wait, So I decided to stop at the Beauty Shop next door.

I like going to beauty shops in both male and femboy mode because they sell so much stuff for women. Some of the stuff is cheap, and probably does not last long. But since I do not wear it often, it works for me.

I like to browse the jewelry and nail polish..

So, I went inside and looked at rings. There were not many people in the store. I found two nice rings at $1.50 each.

While I was looking, a guy came in looking at perfume/cologne. He was looking for a gender neutral  type.
The guy working behind the counter stated that the bottles with the white tops were good for either men or women.

I walked up to pay for my two rings and a young lady met me and the counter and asked where I found those rings because she like them and thought they were cute, I showed her where I found them.

Once back at the counter, I was told there was a $5.00 min. on debit cards. So I decided to look at earrings. I found a nice silver heart shaped pair that will match a silver heart shaped pendant in my jewelry box.

While I was looking for a pair of earrings, the other clerk came to the front counter. She was talking to the other clerk about how she had to work both Christmas Eve and on her birthday, December 23.

I went back up to the counter to add my earrings to my rings. The female clerk made eye contact and smiled. I smiled back and said hello.

The male clerk stated that he liked my white shelled bracelet.  The lady clerk was also at the counter and stated she liked my big silver bracelet on my right hand. They both laughed and said how nice both bracelets were and that I had an eye for jewelry.

I said thank you and felt very comfortable around them. I thought about what the female clerk said earlier about her schedule and how nice she seemed. It was at that moment, I decided I was going to buy a new wig from her.

I asked when they closed and they said 8:00 pm. So I left to go to Burlington Coat Factory.

After I bought my pea coat, I came back to the Beauty Store. Both clerks said hello when I walked in and asked if I forget something. I said hello and joked that I could not stay away. We laughed and I walked to the rear wig section.

I have wanted a new wig for years. My current wig was bought over 20 years ago. It was very expensive and still wears well. But the color is wrong (too dark) and the style is old.

I want a lighter color because I am getting older and the lighter color brightens my look. The older wig has a full bang across the face and I want a swoop bang. Finally, the old wig is shoulder length and I want to look at different lengths.

I asked the female clerk, if she could help me find a wig. I had a few pictures.

I told her, I was not sure of the color or length but I want a swoop bang. She called it a feathered look. So we tried on at least five wigs to get the right look. Once the right wig style was chosen, I tried on three different colors.

My stylist gave her opinion and asked the other clerk for his opinion. Also a few ladies came in and gave their opinion. I felt so comfortable with my stylist and I took the various comments in stride. It was great. I did not feel like a guy looking for a wig or embarrassed in anyway.

Here is my choice.

I like the lighter color and the length is just below the shoulder. The bang will allow me to show one eyebrow, which I find sexy.

The above picture does not do the wig justice. I will get a better picture next time.

This wig was less that $40 which will work for now. But I will want this style in a better quality wig. So I asked the stylist where I can get a handmade wig with real hair and a silicon cap. She gave me the name and number of a guy who makes those types of wigs by hand.

Finally, I gave my stylist a $20.00 tip for her help and for having to work on her birthday, next week. She hugged me and was very appreciative. She asked how did I know she was working on her birthday.

I explained that I heard her while I was looking for my earrings earlier and that she was so nice, I want to help make her day like she did for me.

I left with my wig and headed to Ultra Beauty

What a great Thursday/Friday femboy day.
  1. Pedicure
  2. New shoes
  3. New pea coat
  4. New wig
  5. Finding a makeup consultant

Each event was special which is why I wrote a separate post for each one. I do not expect each femboy day to be this good. But my confidence is sky high. I can not wait for my next femboy day.

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