Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday December 19, 2014 - Makeup in Boy Mode

When I started wearing mascara everyday, I was wearing a clear color because I wanted to introduce makeup into my daily routine, but did not want it to show.

I went to the Ulta Store as a femboy and the store clerk helped me find some black mascara. Once I tried it on, I was hooked. So the last week, I switched my daily mascara from clear to black. No one said anything. Whether in boy or femboy mode, nothing.

Well, my 20+ year old daughter was with me today and she said that she did not realize how long my lashes were. My wife stated, that was where she (my daughter) got her long lashes from.

The conversation moved on to something else.  But I said to myself, WOW, my daughter noticed my "longer" lashes but did not mention the mascara or why they appear longer.

I will definitely keep the black mascara at all times.

This is similar to what happened when I started manicuring my finger nails and painting them clear, even in boy mode. No issues except the one guy who asked how I kept my finger nails looking so nice and clean.

So in both cases, mascara and finger nails, they are noticeable but no one says anything negative, even in boy mode.

Now, I only add lip gloss, brow pencil and eye shadow when in femboy mode. Once my electrology is complete in 2015, I will add a light foundation cover.

I might try adding more makeup when in boy mode.

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