Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday December 15, 2014 - Nails

I have been working hard on my finger nails. I let them grow out and keep them polished with a clear coat. The other day, I had a guy ask me if I get my nails manicured. I told him no, that I do them myself. I went on the explain my weekly regime. It was fun having two guys talk about hand and nail grooming.

My nails split and have ridges. To stop the splitting, I wear gloves when doing dishes and constantly lotion my hand with Vitamin E, baby oil at night and my coconut/castor oil mix I created. This keeps my hands and nail soft. Also my curticles stay smooth. I notice that if I do not drink enough water, my cuticles begin to peel.

At least once a week I spend 60 to 90 minutes working on my nails while watching TV.

  1. If they are polished, I remove the polish to let them breath
  2. If they are not polished, I polish them with clear polish
  3. Without polish on, I buff my nails to remove any ridges
  4. I like an oval shaped nail, so I contour my nail edges
  5. I try to keep my nail length past the edge of my fingers
I am right handed and have trouble keeping my nails from breaking, once they get past my fingers, the right nails start to break first, then the left nails. So last night with five of my ten nails broken, I cut the other five to start over again.

As you can see, I tried to cut them evenly, so they can grow back together. I hate when they break and I have to start over, They look so good when the length is longer. My hands are big (Darn) but keeping them neat, clean, polished and healthy attract positive compliments.

Women know how much time it takes, that is why many go to the salon, But for me, this is a very feminine activity that I like to do.

Lately, I just added a new polish under my clear coat. Its called Fiberglass Network by Salon Science and I bought it from Sally Beauty Supply.

It is suppose to harden you nails but keep them flexible enough to not break off as easy. I tried it, but I am still learning how to put it on without distorting the look of my nails after I put on the clear coat. The above picture of my nails have the Fiberglass polish under the clear polish. They look good.

But on my right hand, I can not add the polish as consistently (left hand not as coordinated) so I do not get the same smooth look on my right hand. I am working on it, but I will take time. I love doing this and learning to get better.

Now I know why young girls spend hours on makeup and feminine activities as they develop their style.

Now as a femboy, I can do the same thing. Its fun learning and adding feminine activities to my daily life.

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