Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday December 23, 2014 - Friday Femboy - Shoes

My Thursday night femboy activity included shoe shopping. I like going to Payless Shoes and Shoe Show because they have my size (12) and the prices are reasonable. At this point, since I do not wear them often, I do not want to put too much money into shoes. I just want something feminine and cute.

I had a 15% off any shoe coupon at Payless, so off to Payless. I arrived around 6 pm and went straight to the size 12 section. In femboy mode, I try shoes on. I tried on a group of nice heels, just to check how they look and feel.

I tried on the three below.

I liked how this one looked. I would have it as a casual wedge when in female mode. But since I am not there yet, I would not wear this shoe anytime soon, so I left it.

I need a new black pump. The one have have is nice but old. I bought it decades ago. They were expensive shoes and since I have not worn them often, they are still nice and are still very comfortable. That old shoe taught me that expensive shoes are worth it in the long run.

But these new ones have the a round toe that makes a size 12 foot look smaller. Again, I would not wear them often enough, so I took a pass on them. I did like how the round toe looks on me.

I wanted a boot this fall/winter. But the one I wanted, I could not find in my size. I tried on this ankle boot. I have a boot problem. My ankles and calves are small. There is too much room between my leg/ankle and the boot. I like a snug look. This ankle boot was OK, but I still had that "floating ankle" look. My ankles looked like sticks.

The sales lady came by and stated that she liked the shoe below and what did I think. I told her I liked the color but the heel was too high because I am tall (5'10").

She asked what I was looking for and I told her I needed a brown flat and I might buy a few more that are on sale. She pointed to a shoe (see below), I was eyeing. So I tried them on and decided to buy them.

I saw this Oxford (see below) which was on sale and decided to buy it because I can wear that in both boy and femboy mode.  Also, I like the color. At $10, my 15% coupon makes the price $8.50. I do not like the laces, so I will switch them out later.

Then, I saw a flat that interested me last week, but today it was not in my size. So I asked the clerk if any other stores had that shoe in my size. She printed out a list of stores that had the shoe and included a $4.00  coupon. I need that coupon because once I bought the two shoes above, I will have used my 15% off coupon.

During my busy Saturday femboy day, I went to one of the Payless stores on the list that showed the show I wanted.

It is a black shoe with a gold zipper and gold area under the zipper. I like flats with buckles and ornate fronts. I found this one at the store in my size. I noticed that for the first time in a long while, there was a male sales clerk. 
I brought my shoe to the counter and showed my coupon. The shoe box had a $19 price on it, but my coupon said the shoe was $16 with an additional $4 off. The clerk said the coupon was correct and my price was $12.00.

Then a wonderful thing happened. He looked at my left hand bracelet and said he liked it. It reminded him of Africa, where he was from. He asked me where I got it. I told him, I found it at a beauty supply store and I liked it because of the sea shells which remind me of the ocean. I love the ocean. He followed up by saying it matched my outfit.

I bought five bracelets like the one he liked, but in different colors. After he rung me up, he went to help another customer and the other sales clerk appeared while I was packing up. 

I could not believe it but she was wearing my sweater dress, I blogged about last month. I told her, I have that exact dress and love it. She said it was one of her favorite sweater dresses. I mentioned that I like to wear it as a dress with skinny jeans or as a sweater. She was wearing it as a long sweater with a creme jacket and black tights with calve high boots.. 

We talked about its flexibility, feel and look. We both agreed its a great wardrobe piece.

Once in the car, I thought about that interaction with both clerks and how easy and comfortable it was. Then I thought about my conversation with the other Payless clerk Thursday night and our discussion about those colorful heels. At both store, I was treated like a person and my look did not appear to affect them.

I love talking fashion with the ladies. Add the compliments and I am so happy.

This is the first of  five posts about my Thursday-Friday femboy day. Each post gets better. You have to see my last post in this series about my wig purchase.  


  1. I have recently bought several pair of Payless shoes on line. I have been happy with the fit, the style and the price. When I do break through the barrier of going shopping while in femme mode Payless is a place that I plan to visit. I know that they make large size shoes so as a matter of corporate policy they must have an understanding that a sizable portion of their client base are men. Even if you read the product reviews on line you will find many comments from men about their satisfaction buying ladies shoes at Payless. Because of this I am presuming that their in store clerks have all been trained to be cordial and pleasant to their men customers buying ladies shoes.


  2. Pat,

    I know what its like, getting thru that barrier. I still hesitate. But I have only had good experiences at Payless. I now even try on flats when in boy mode. I look at like this... The more people see men or transgender people trying on women shoes, the more "normal" it becomes. That helps all of us. So I say, Pat go try on more shoes at Payless for all of us.

  3. Susan, that black pump that you didn't buy is my absolute favorite narrow-heel shoe. It is just so comfortable and I can wear it all day long, including a lot of walking. And luckily for me, Payless sizes go up to my size (13W).

  4. I like that about Payless. I know some ladies who say Payless shoes are to cheap (quality) and hard. They say this makes them uncomfortable. But I find some of them are very comfortable. Also, in Metro Atlanta there is a shoe chain called Shoe Show which does up to size 14W. Its nice to have two store chains that carry a nice variety of large sizes.