Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday December 29, 2014 - Solved Mascara Problem

In a previous post about 2 weeks ago, I talked about my problems with mascara. I now wear black mascara everyday. I wear glasses and I do not put on much (1 coat). Its more of developing that daily routine.

I curl my lashes and then put on the mascara. Once I put on the mascara, my lashes straighten out. I tried something earlier this week. I curled my lashes a second time, after I put on my mascara and let it dry.

It worked. I knew the mascara was weighing down my lashes. So I decided to let them dry and then curl them again. I thought about this because I was in the drug store looking at some lash curlers and noticed some of the packages had additional rubber strips for the bottom part of the curler. I thought, maybe the strps need to be replaced because they get mascara on them. If that is true, them women are curling their lashes, after they apply mascara.

I have not tried it in femboy mode yet. In femboy mode, I wanted to add more layers of mascara but it caused my top lashes to straighten out even more. So next time, I will add more mascara and curl my lashes afterward. I did test it and it looked great.

I laughed afterward because it took, me all this time of trying to figure out what was wrong, when most women learn it as pre-teens.

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