Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday December 27, 2014 - Makeup at Ultra Beauty on femboy day

I stated in an earlier post, that I now wear black mascara every day. I wrote a post about this. I am having a problem with it. I curl my lashes in the morning before I put on my mascara. Once I apply my mascara, my eyelashes slightly straighten out. So I decided to go to Ultra Beauty and ask the clerk for help.

By the time I got to Ultra, it was dark and getting late. I parked close to the entrance and under a light. I then locked the car and walked in. It was crowded. As I walked around, both clerks were at the register and I realized, I might not get any one-on-one help.

I was looking along the foundation aisle and I notice a young lady with fantastic makeup. It was flawless. Well my day had been unbelievable so far and this was the last stop of the day. So I made the first move. I asked her if she used Fashion Fair makeup.

She said no. She uses Revlon for every day and a  brand called Cinema Secrets for evening. I told her that her makeup was flawless. She smiled and said thank you and we talked about Fashion Fair makeup For her skin tone, Fashion Fair it had too much red.

We talked about, how in the past Fashion Fair was just about it for African-American women, but now the other cosmetic firms have included all skin tone in their product line.

I stated how I used Fashion Fair from the mid 80's but my supply is too old to use now and I need to find the best cosmetic line for me.

We talked about makeup in general and ended up talking about transgenderism and how I knew since about 8 years old. So I told her about my life and then she talked about her career as a makeup artist.(her website).

Jackpot, a makeup artist!

We talked about her business and how she is trying to enter the Georgia T.V. and Film Industry. Guess what, I have connections into that industry. So I got her email address and sent her some of my contacts. I had to use my boy contacts, because I will call my friends and tell them to expect her call. Also she needs to use my boy name as a reference.

She also told me that when I get a free makeover, make sure I tell them if its for everyday wear, evening wear or drag wear. Because some of the clerks will assume drag wear.

She does not know it yet, but I am going to hire her for an hour or two for some one-on-one makeup lessons.

After saying goodbye and heading out of the door, I said to myself, what a way to cap off a great day.

But it occurred to me, as I meet people and exchange email addresses and phone numbers, should I use my boy contacts or girl contracts. I do not have a femboy set of contacts. What name should I use? Today, I used both, depending on the subject.

I do not have a phone number for Susan King. So, I am going to use Google Voice and set one up.

It's an interesting question that I will answer by my next femboy day, boy or girl contacts when exchanging information with new people I meet in femboy mode.

This is the forth post about my Thursday-Friday femboy day. I saved the best for the next post.

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