Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday December 13, 2014 - Femboy Day.....Yeah

Today, I am going shopping. The last few weeks, I was busy at work and trying a new local electrologist.

Now with my face clear, I need to get some new leggings and I am going to hunt for that double breasted pea coat which stops at the waist with a flair bottom. Ever since I saw that one at Goodwill, I have been hunting for a larger one.

Sometimes, I wish I bought that smaller one because it was only small because of that sweater, I was wearing. I probably could have worn that one during warmer days when a sweater would have been too hot but a nice jacket would work.

Oh well, I have checked over 10 other Goodwill stores in Metro Atlanta, and can not find one. So I am going to spend some money and buy a new one.

Today I am wearing my new black flats, black jeans, purple turtle neck and jacket. The jacket has purple flowers with black trees and a white base. I think it works. I topped it off with my black and white hat.

 Also, I am going to Ultra to ask about my eyelash problems in which my mascara takes out my lash curl.

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