Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday June 20, 2016 - Transmen and dressing issues

This blog is about Transwoman issues and my journey toward womanhood. It's rare that Transmen issues are discussed here. But I find that understanding their issues, gives me a fresh look at my issues.

HBO has anew documentary, that airs tonight (June 20, 2016) called Suited.. Its about Transmen and non-conforming people having suits made because they can not find suits in the store that fit them. I find this issue so interesting because on the one hand as a Transwomen, I can find female clothes due to the vast variety of female clothing options. However, when I was much larger, that variety and the number of options shrunk. But no matter the size, I could find a suit.

I grew up buying and wearing suits that I hated. I wanted to wear pretty dresses and envied by mother and sister when we went to formal events.  To wear dresses and look pretty but hating it and wanting to wear a suit seems foreign to me. But its really the same issue I have but in reverse. So I get it and its a fresh look at the same issue.

Below is a trailer about the show, followed by a nice article. Again, It  premiers tonight.

Meet the Designer Behind the Sharpest Trans Suits

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